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"I trained with Georgie for four years and enjoyed every single session.  She helped train me for 10K races, 30K off-road races and triathlons and was able to put together training plans that pushed me but worked within the limits of my lifestyle.  I looked forward to my Tuesday mornings with her as not only were they part of my training but also became therapy! One warning though - when doing hills with Georgie and there are other runners around - she will never be beaten!" ~Mags

Meet Georgie

Hi, I’m Georgie.


I am an endurance athlete, personal trainer and running coach based in Calgary, Alberta. I have a fabulous fun family; James my husband and two active teenage boys. So I really understand the commitment and juggling it takes to get fit with a busy lifestyle and family. Exercise and running makes me feel great and I want to help you to feel great. I’m not saying starting or training is going to be easy, but I will say, it will be worth it.


Personally, I love running far. It re-sets me. I’ve competed in half, full marathons (qualifying Boston time at the Calgary marathon) duathlons, triathlons, but my love is ultra running. I have completed the Marathon des Sables, a gruelling self sufficient six-day 250 km race in the Sahara desert. In Canada, I have completed two of the Sinister 7 solo event, 148km and the 100miler, finishing 5th overall lady. I also finished the 50 miler North Face Endurance Challenge in San Fransisco, California.


I remember going out for my first run at the age of 12 to get fit for my school netball team in the UK. I haven’t stopped since.  Running gives me a sense of freedom and self esteem. I am motivated to get out and exercise because I love the satisfaction of finishing a run or working hard, as I know it will be worth it. Instead of giving myself reasons of why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.


I love being outside. I enjoy cultivating a love of running in my clients – whether you’re just starting out or ready to do that first marathon or ultra-marathon, I’m the run coach for you. I’m a transplant from the UK and I just can’t get enough of the awesome Alberta air and mountains! So I’m happy to meet you OUTSIDE. I am now a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, ensuring that your fitness program meets your needs and goals.


Getting to know you, hearing your story and helping you reach your fitness goals would be an honour.  So whatever your reason, let’s get together and train. Call me now. 

"I trained with Georgie for two years until she left for Canada. Running with her was always fun, varied and I felt fit and energized after every session. Through the sessions I reaped many benefits; weight loss, improved muscle tone, increased stamina and I felt more confident. Initially I was only running for two or three miles, but due to her training program and advice on nutrition I completed the London Marathon without injury. I couldn't have done it without her. Georgie was always so positive and fun to be with and I miss our sessions very much." ~Yolanda
Variety, wholesomeness and moderation. I believe these three words can be used to describe exercise, diet and lifestyle. This life balance helps fuel your wellness and happiness. Everyone is unique and has different training requirements and fitness goals. All programs are individually designed to meet each person's needs and goals. 

I also understand that it is not always easy to exercise outside, so I'm happy to work in the comfort of your home. Or, we can hit the local trails near you or me. Glenmore Reservoir, Nose Hill Park and Fish Creek are awesome trail running places.

Whatever your goals, I can provide a training plan that takes into account your lifestyle or family commitments. This is really important because your training plan needs to work for you not me! So, start now and don’t say you'll do it tomorrow, like you said yesterday. Choose your best option below, then get in touch with me to get training.

Personal Training

There are times when a one-to-one class is the only way forward. Whether it's because of the hours you work, you don't have the confidence to get fit within a group or you're training for a marathon or an ultra race. Personal fitness sessions can provide that extra support, motivation and focus needed to reach your goals. Using my CES qualification, I will ensure all exercises are aimed at making you stronger and fitter.

Personal training sessions are obviously more effective when undertaken on a regular basis, ideally weekly. They can also be held in the comfort of your own home. 

All programs are individually designed to meet your goals. Nutrition will also be covered to ensure you eating a balanced diet to meet your training needs.

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Running Coach

Got a big race, ultra event or you want to qualify for Boston Marathon? I can help you set and achieve your goals by giving you extra direction and support. Your tailored program will include workouts and exercises that will make you strong and fit for your particular event.

You will be given a unique exercise program that compliments your lifestyle and commitments. Pre, during and post nutritional advice will also be included to help you prepare for your big event.

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Classes & Running Groups

Need a little help from your friends? Why not get a group of you together and we can train. Working out with friends is so much fun.

Running Groups • These groups are aimed at those who want to improve their running skills. Strength and core work is included in these sessions to help improve running techniques. Classes are great if you enjoy training in a group.

Strength and Conditioning Bootcamps • Want to get fit and feel great? These classes are intensive and for the hard core. All the exercises are functional and include cardio training as well. Bring a mat and a water bottle and expect to get sweaty.

Early Bird Bootcamps • Can't find the time to exercise? Well how about 6 a.m.? These classes are short and sweet, but you will feel the benefits in a matter of days. They are intensive but focus on functional exercises to help improve posture and strength.

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Wellness School Program

The program is designed to give Elementary students strategies to manage life, school, friendships, nutrition and their wellbeing. This course complements the Alberta Health and Life skills curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 6. The course covers six modules including nutrition, growth mindset, grit, courage, being active and self esteem. The program can be adapted to meet the needs of your school.

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Online Fitness Training

Have the motivation, but need some guidance on your training program? Or maybe you do not live in Calgary but want some advice on training techniques. Online training will be perfect for you.

It will involve a phone, Skype or Facetime call to identify your training requirements and goals. A unique program will be designed to meet your needs and weekly communication will continue until your training program is completed. Packages vary according to individual needs.

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"I've been around the fitness world for a while now ... Georgie is one of the best. I highly
recommend her to help put discipline in your routine that demands results. Plus, her
'can-do' attitude is highly contagious!" ~Jo


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